Dr. Li-Jen Shannon

Associate Professor and Assistant Chair


Ed.D., Sam Houston State University

Office: AB1 216C

Phone: (936) 294-1582

E-mail: lys001@shsu.edu

Dr. Shannon received her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership (2007), M.A. in Industrial Technology,and minor in Vocational Education (1995) from Sam Houston State University. She graduated in Civil Engineering from Dahan Institute of Technology in Taiwan (1988). In her early career, prior to 2000, she worked as a computer programmer on survey databases, as an engineer assistant in Civil Engineering, and as a high school math teacher. She taught Computer Aided Drafting, Cisco Network, and MCSE programs at the Technology Department from 2000 - 2003. Since 2003, Dr. Shannon teaches Introduction to Computer and Educational Multimedia graduate courses at Computer Science Department. Areas of research interest include computer and technology curriculum alignment from secondary to graduate levels, educational multimedia research, and international technology development in education.