Dr. Donggil Song

Assistant Professor


Ph.D., Indiana University

Office: AB1 212J

Phone: (936) 294-2696

E-mail: song@shsu.edu

Website: http://einbrain.com

Donggil Song is an assistant professor of Educational Technology, Department of Computer Science at Sam Houston State University. His lab, (Einbrain) focuses on the use of artificial intelligence in education, learning analytics, and adaptive learning systems.Presently, he serves as the Managing Editor of The International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches.

Research Interests:

*Applications of Conversational Intelligent Agents in Online Learning Environments

*Adaptive Learning Management Systems

Selected Publications:

1. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11423-017-9520-7

2. http://www.jltl.org/index.php/jltl/article/view/682